Ypsigrock, indie rock music festival

Ypsigrock, indie rock music festival


Staying at the Feudo Galefona Agritourism, you can decide to live a musical experience from the international artistic quality. In fact, every year in August the Ypsigrock takes place, it’s an indie rock music festival, in Castelbuono, just 10-minute drive away from the farmhouse. The “indie rock” is not defined as a musical genre, but as an attitude. The artists, in fact, demand independence and a certain artistic freedom of expression, out of line with the consumerist clichés dictated by the major record labels.
The Ypsigrock has built more and more consensus, from year to year, to the point where it has become an event from the international prestige. Among the historical artists of the event, it is important to mention Belle & Sebastian, Editors, Primal Scream, Savages and Mudhoney. A standing appointment for all lovers of alternative rock, who come from all over the world to attend the various exhibitions, in a charming and lovely setting. The stage, in fact, is set up in Piazza Castello, where it is possible to admire the staircase leading to the Castle of Ventimiglia. An imposing structure from the Middle Age, built for defensive purposes in order to control the territory of the Madonie. At present, it houses the Civic Museum where there are collections of sacred, archaeological and urban art of this famous town.
Therefore, the Ypsigrock Festival is the can’t miss event of the season for those who want to spend a few days of vacation between music, culinary delights and amazing sceneries of the Madonie.

Events in the Madonie


We suggest you a list of the most beautiful events you can attend in the Madonie, during your stay at Feudo Galefona.


Ypsigrock – Castelbuono – august

DiVino Festival – Castelbuono – august

Beer Street Festival – Cefalù – april/may

Targa Florio – Cefalù/Gibilmanna – may

Infiorata – Castelbuono – may/june

Hazelnut Festival – Polizzi Generosa – august

St. Salvatore – Cefalù – august

The dance of  “Cordella” – Petralia Sottana – august